Made in Broome




Wholesale meats, grilling sauces and marinades


2710 E Main St in Endicott


Sam and Steve Lupo



The Product

In a nutshell, what is your product all about?
Our products are all about quality, tradition (we still use the same recipes for our many meat products from the meat market days), cleanliness and freshness.

How can people get it?
Locally, you can get Lupo’s products in just about any grocery store in Broome County. For those interested customers from out of town, you can order our meat products, sauces and marinades on our website. Our military tents are built and spec’d for militaries all over the world!

The Story Behind the Product

Where are you originally from?
My family and I are all from Broome County.

What was the reason why you chose to get involved with the Johnson Outdoors business?
My dad, Sam Lupo, and his brother John started the meat market on Watson Boulevard to survive. My dad started helping my uncle out on a part-time basis before working there full-time as the business grew more and more. My brother Steve and I got really involved in the business after our uncle John suddenly passed away. Before then, I would come home on weekends and during holiday and summer breaks to help out. After I graduated and my uncle passed away, my dad asked if I could give him one year with Lupo’s so we could figure out what we were going to do. Well, my dad’s long gone and that year is still going.

What are some challenges you’ve encountered along the way?
More than the usual challenges associated with being a small business, like money and cash flow, our biggest challenges are finding the right workers (and enough workers) to fill open positions at our various locations, as well as getting our products in stores and markets outside the area where our name isn’t so well-known. We’re definitely strong in the Upstate NY/PA region though. On a weekly basis, our trucks go down to Scranton and Wilkes Barre twice a week, as well as to select stores in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Corning every week. However, there’s always more we can do to expand.

How did you get your product in people’s minds?
We’re lucky that we had a strong foundation and are so well-known and respected in the Broome County. We’ve cut back a little bit on advertising recently, but we’re still heavily involved in the Chamber and my brother and I sit on a lot of different boards, which helps continue to keep our name out there, as well as keep us involved in, and giving back to, the community.

So, what’s next for Johnson Outdoors?
This winter, my brother and I plan to focus our efforts on continuing to distribute our meat products and marinades to our well-established markets here and throughout Upstate NY, as well as to try to grow to new markets in the Northeast. We’re also going to push our new pre-skewered spiedies throughout Upstate, so look out for those.