Joe Hashey


I've had the privilege of growing up, going to school, running my business, and raising my three children in Broome County -I’ve always liked the smaller area feel where you actually know your neighbors - which is why I’ve attended smaller schools throughout my life.

I graduated from Seton Catholic Central High School in 2000 before attending Colgate University where I graduated in 2004 with a Political Science degree. In 2006, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Education. When I came back to the area after college, I taught at Vestal High School for eight years while starting Synergy.

Around three years ago, I stopped teaching and began focusing solely on the business as things with Synergy were really taking off. My wife and I had to choose what our family plan and long-term goals were, which were rooted in Synergy.

Synergy had simple beginnings. In 2008, we started the fitness facility in our tiny home garage. I lost my father early in life to health-related issues and that had a profound impact on me. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to guide people to live healthier, longer and more empowered lives through fitness. What started as a small business in my garage has expanded with locations in Endwell, Vestal and Binghamton. We’re continuing to serve the populations we’re passionate about, especially our local community.

Coming back to the area after college and having my family, and the overall community support as I was building the business, was very welcoming. That's been a big reason for our success locally. Our team has also contributed heavily to Synergy’s success as well - the nine dedicated people who run our facilities and work each day with our clients. We all share the same vision of helping people live empowered lives through being healthy. We’ve been able to attract a quality workforce at Synergy. I’m proud of our staff and found great employees here in Broome County.

Being an entrepreneur in this community is truly enjoyable. It’s always a pleasure to engage with other entrepreneurs and companies in Broome that are doing good things for the community - there seems to be more and more cropping up every day. There’s an unbelievably strong small business presence locally, as well as a variety of medium-sized businesses all over the area, which is amazing to watch expand every year.  I learn a great deal from watching them grow. It’s fantastic to see things consistently get better here - to see Binghamton University continuously grow, the Vestal Parkway constantly booming, people taking advantage of all the affordable homes and apartments.

I’ve heard classmates, family and friends say they wouldn’t want to come back to the area or they want something bigger where there’s more to do, but I’ve never seen Broome County that way. The towns, the overall sense of community and the people are supportive and helpful here. I think everything you would need is in this community. For me in particular, the majority of my family still lives in the area so coming back here after college was somewhat of a no-brainer. Now, my wife and I have three young kids with two of them already in the Vestal School District in Glenwood. Having our extended family around has been an integral part of my children's lives. Having the support of grandparents to help us watch the kids, and having the community that we grew up in and are familiar with all around us, has been a big benefit to our children as well.

I’m also excited to see my kids witness this community continue to grow and thrive as they grow up.

There was a study conducted that asked “Where do the majority of Americans  live?” and the answer was within 18 miles of where they were born. You set down your roots and stick by what’s familiar. That’s exactly what I did and I’ve never looked back. I would sum up success with the old saying, “Progressive realization of a worthy goal,” which just means working towards something you believe in. For me, that’s achieved every day through serving Synergy’s clients in Broome County, surrounded by my family, friends and the place I grew up.

What more could I need?

Synergy Athletics is part of why #Broomeisgood.