Worldwide Sport Supply
The first time Tom Ciaravino started to sell screen printed t-shirts was in 1979, and soon he and his co-founder and wife Kathy would take their small business from their garage in Endicott, and with the help of their two sons, turn it into a nationally recognized business. What was just a passion grew into the family-owned company, Worldwide Sport Supply. Within the next few years, Worldwide Sport Supply transformed from a business with predominantly local consumers to a national wholesale distributor for sporting goods throughout the 80s. Selling top of the line athletic wear and supplies for any sport as one of the few wholesale distributors at the time, Worldwide Sport Supply made a name for itself early on both at home and across the country. It was only as other distributors began to emerge, such as Dick’s and Sport Authority, that Worldwide Sport Supply was confronted with the need to adapt their business model.