Aisha Jasper | Community Development Liaison at Visions Federal Credit Union

How have you found your professional experience here?

I have had the experience of living in many different areas of the world, traveling for my dance career, as well as attending different Universities across the states and overseas. I returned to Broome County because this is home. Working as the BEAM Outreach Coordinator has given me an opportunity to help people each and every day in a community that I love.

How has your personal life benefited from living/working here?

Being in Broome, I am surrounded by my family, friends, and many others who have invested their time and energy into helping me as a dancer, student, and a person. This community has allowed me to create a fulfilling and rewarding career, as well as build a happy, comfortable–albeit simple–personal life.

What are the benefits of living in Broome County?

Very helpful and supportive community there are many things to do both young and old beautiful scenery, rivers, lakes, parks. A growing town with a lot of opportunities and many ways to get involved.

How would you recommend Broome County to someone looking to relocate?

This area is what you make of it. There’s so much to do, see and get involved in–from the beautiful, colorful scenery to different social/civic activities and more.