Daniel R. Norton

Attorney @ Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

lives in: Endwell, NY

Hometown: Endwell, NY

why did you choose to live/work in Broome County?

I live in Broome County because it offers the unique opportunity to balance a challenging and rewarding career with a fulfilling personal life. I spend my weekdays working with, and learning from, professionals of the highest caliber. At night and on the weekends, I am able to spend quality time with both family and friends


how have you found your professional experience here?

When it comes to growth opportunities, Broome County has so much to offer a young professional. I interact directly with all of my clients and help them work toward meaningful outcomes in consequential matters. I am able to learn something new, which benefits both me and my clients. Best of all, however, is that I work for an employer that cares about me both as a professional and as a person. My superiors offer me the opportunity to grow in my career but at the same time, they encourage me to pursue volunteer opportunities in the community.

how has your personal life benefited from living/working here?

The happiness I’ve found in my professional life is mirrored in my personal life. I met my brilliant and talented wife, Colleen, here in Broome County. Because my career does not consume every waking moment of my life, we are able to pursue our mutual interests, share meaningful time together like regularly being with our family and friends, while still having time to do the things that we enjoy—such as running and dining out. Also, we are confident that our daughters will develop the knowledge needed to find success and happiness in their lives here, just as we found it in our lives.

list 5 - 10 benefits of living in Broome County:

  • Real work-life balance
  • Close-knit community
  • Affordable housing
  • Family friendly
  • Excellent schools
  • Short commute times
  • Vibrant and growing downtown
  • Beautiful summers


a good life.

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